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Wool Tartans

Here is our selection of traditional 16 oz wool tartans made of the finest quality in the UK. Wool tartans are currently for purchase only. Click here to order your wool kilt, made in Scotland! Not sure which clan your family belonged to? Check out our new tool What's My Tartan to find out which clan your family belonged to or to search for clan, regional, and organizational tartans.

Kilts, bow ties, sashes, vests, fabric, plaids and many other products can be ordered in these wool tartans.

Limited Stock

Tartans listed as "Limited Stock" are discontinued. This means that our mill that we use, Marton Mills, has discontinued that particular tartan and are only carrying a select amount of cloth left. If you are interested in one of these tartans, please either call our shop during normal business hours, or send us an email so we can check availability.

Looking for more options?

Popular tartans may be available in less expensive lighter weight fabric such as 10 or 13 ounces. There are also many less common tartans not listed here from other popular mills like Lochcarron, Strathmore, DC Dalgliesh, House of Edgar, and others that are also available for purchase. Please call or email us for availability and pricing!

Click here to order your premium wool kilt today!

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