1. Kirkin o’ the Tartan videos

    Kirkin o’ the Tartan videos

    Here are a couple of nice Kirkin o’ the Tartan videos on You Tube:

    The first is from Christ Church Episcopal in Greenville.

    A nice clip showing the procession. I like the way the person doing the filming caught the banners from the front. A lot of the videos are from the back of the sanctuary, which make it a little harder the really see them.

    The second one is from Peace Memorial Presbyterian in Clearwater.

    This is a somewhat longer clip, and this one hits you with ads before you get to the actual video, but it features some very nice music from the Tampa Bay Pipers and Drums. A little bit more time spent showing off the church than the first video, but it still captures the feel of the service p

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  2. Procrastinate? Not Us!

    Procrastinate? Not Us!

    We know it’s the start of summer, and with summer temperatures nobody is really thinking about sweaters. On the hand, we hope that with the COVID-19 restrictions easing up, when cooler weather finally arrives folks will be able to enjoy outdoor activities again.

    With that in mind we are announcing a new line of men’s and women’s Aran knitwear direct from Saol knitwear of Ireland. These beautiful pure Merino wool and wool blend cardigans and sweaters feature the traditional Aran stitching that has been a hallmark of Irish outerwear for generations.

    Available in a variety of styles and colors, these luxurious sweaters and cardigans will complement any outfit while they keep you warm and comfortable.


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