Our Tartan Fabrics

Our tartan clothing and accessories are made of durable 16oz* fabric from one of two fine materials: durable acrylic and wool. Our newly added ladies' wool accessories are made from a lighter weight 10 oz wool or lambswool.

Below is a quick list of differences between our acrylic and wool fabric.

Acrylic Fabric
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Wool Fabric
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  • Wool-like appearance
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Superior wickability; feels cooler
  • Dry-Clean Recommended
  • Resistant to moths, oils, and fading
  • 9 tartans available for rental items, 90+ tartans available for purchase
  • Great quality, very affordable (imported from South Asia)
  • Suitable for: All occasions. Formal or Casual.
    Highland games, festivals, faires, parades, pubs, anything.
  • Natural wool
  • More traditional and authentic
  • Feels warm and dry
  • Dry-Clean Only
  • Store in a dry place away from bugs and UV light
  • Over 200+ tartans available for purchase                                                      
  • Exquisite quality (imported from Scotland)                            
  • Suitable for: Formal occasions. Low activity occasions.
    Weddings, reunions, memorial services, holiday gatherings.

(*16 ounces per square yard; lasts considerably longer than the 13oz and 11oz kilts offered by competitors.)