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  • I have had the pleasure of purchasing 4 kilts, a couple Argyle vests and an Argyle jacket from Atlanta Kilts. Their products are really first rate! I had never worn an acrylic kilt before, spending years in the wet, heavy wool kilts, and they are a welcome change.
    I have recommended Atlanta Kilts to several members of my pipe band, and they have also purchased kilts with great success. Their customer service is excellent, and they have always delivered on time, or well ahead of any date that I've requested!
    I can't recommend them enough for your highland dress needs!
    Thanks for everything!

    Bill Schneider
  • Everything was beautiful and high quality. I got a lot of compliments.

    Mr. Doherty
  • Everything was perfect! Our church has never had such an event. 74 people, most with a plaid of some kind on!! Kilts were perfect. Thank you so much for being patient with me. I appreciate all you and yours have done.
    God bless you,
    Take care,

  • Let me take the opportunity to sincerely thank you for the amazing service we received for our wedding on Jan 24, 2014. Our order was a large one, and last minute, but the amount of care that was taken to make sure everything was correct was astounding. Not only did everything arrive in right sizes, and in a timely manner, but my Groomsmen couldn't have looked better. It was an amazing night, and we were all showing our Scottish pride - even the ones not native to it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did to let me have this amazing night in the way I always dream of.
    One very happy groom,

    R. Campbell
  • Thank you so much for helping arrange the kilts for the bridal party... Your staff was very professional and helpful, and was able to accommodate even our most last minute requests. All of the kilts were ready when we needed them to be, and it was a very easy process to measure, receive, and return all of the outfits! Everybody thoroughly enjoyed Brad playing the bagpipes at the wedding, and it made the wedding feel very authentic! We look forward to renting kilts from Atlanta Kilts for all of our future needs!

    Craig and Pam
  • The kilts were a hit at our Global Sales Meeting this year and the surprise went very well. I am attaching a photo so that you can see the entire team. As you may notice, we also hired a bagpiper to complete the image who escorted us to dinner. I appreciate all your help in getting these done quickly!
    Thank you!

  • Thanks so much. We received the kilts and they are awesome!!! Great quality and great prices!

  • Just letting you know that we really had a great time and the kilts looked awesome! Our bagpiper said it was one of the only weddings he has performed at that the kilts did not look like old table cloths. They were really nice...
    Thanks again,

  • First off, I want to say thank you for the absolutely fabulous outfits my brothers and I wore for my wedding. I will be sending pictures very soon. We received so many compliments. The only thing that was better than your product was the customer service. I have already mentioned your company many times over to people interested in renting kilts...
    Thank you very much once again for making my wedding memorable for not only my bride and I, but the guests as well.

  • Thank you all for your tremendous help in making Alex & Katie's wedding last Saturday such a great success.
    The wedding went perfectly, and the kilt outfits were an enormous hit... What a great memory. We'll send you photos by email ... Like I said, we looked terrific, thanks to all of you... In any event, thank you all so much. I can't imagine better customer service or nicer people anywhere. You are what makes Atlanta Kilts the best in the business, period.

  • I received both of my boys kilts this afternoon. They are perfect, I absolutely love how they look. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help and expertise in fitting the boys. I will be sure and send you pictures... I will be sure to take great care of both kilts and get them back to you the day after the event.
    Again my sincere Thanks,

  • Wow!!! Did we have an awesome time!!! And I must say our guys looked so incredibly handsome!!! Tom and I were laughing about it because the guys were not crazy about wearing kilts when they first found out, but as soon as they put them on they absolutely loved them! A few asked about purchasing them! They had a great time in their kilts, and we have some really great photos that I will gladly send you for your website! I think the guys might have looked better than the group of bagpipers and drummers we had play! ... Thanks again everyone for all your help and wonderful service! You really made a difference in our Celtic themed wedding!!!

  • Thank you so much for your GREAT service again. Christine's kilt was perfect in every way. You guys ROCK!!! There are several companies out there that need to take a lesson from you. We are very pleased and plan to remain loyal consumers for life. We both are looking forward to a trip to Scotland (the Gathering 2009) next month and, yes, we are taking our kilts. We plan on telling everyone how great you guys are.

    Ed & Christine
  • Thank you so much! My son had a great time at the senior prom.

  • We had a great time. We were the only three with them on. I ran into a couple of classmates that I have not seen in years... They are actually pretty comfortable.

  • Thank you again for the kilts. They were FANTASTIC! Everyone had a great time. I would recommend your service highly to anyone!

  • Thank you so much for the prompt service, which allows me to play in the convention... And your prices are excellent.
    Thanks again.

  • Thank you very much for the excellent service. Everything went off without a hitch. All of our guests were amazed by the full highland dress and we received many compliments, and you may now have a few more customers...
    Thank you again,

    Chance and Meredith
  • We rented Argyll jackets and Ghillies for Burn's Night here and were very satisfied and happy with the quality of your products and your excellent customer service.

  • My wife Heather and I would like to thank you for the outstanding service and help. We had numerous problems with other items for our wedding, but your service came shining through. Dress delays with customs, missing orders, wrong items and sizes shipped to the wrong address. These were the many issues we had. The items I ordered and rented from you not only showed up at the right place and time, but earlier then expected, excellent help and follow up on the phone, just an all around happy exchange. I have sent you a PayPal payment for the balance on my jacket as we have decided to purchase it. ... we have decided to have additional pictures taken, and by being able to purchase it, we can now do so... I was leery of the long distance dealings but have enthusiastically raved about your service to everyone at our wedding. Thanks for the help and service,

    Christopher and Heather
  • Good afternoon; I generally don't bother to write letters for either praise or criticism, however I just received my new kilt, fly plaid and flashes that I purchased today and felt compelled to write. I must confess I was a little reticent to buy from you, and especially buying a material that wasn't "authentic" wool (now available). I was afraid it would be a disappointment in quality, weight, color matching or craftsmanship; however, I did a little research and decided to risk it. I will now testify that I am truly impressed, and I'm not easily impressed. I kept looking it over for some defect or another that I would find, but everything is top notch, from the heft of the material to the quality of craftsmanship. The kilt fits perfectly and the all the characterisitics that I hoped to be there, are there. Everything was right on the money, and with a price I could justify. I have always wanted a assemble a set of higland dress, but couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger and start assembling one. I am very glad that I chose your organization for the start of the purchases; hats off to you. Guess where I'm coming when I need jacket and vest.
    Best regards,

  • Thank you very much... We are impressed with your excellent customer service! And I will send you some photos when we get some – David does look grand.
    Thanks again,

  • Thank you for your prompt service and the excellent condition of the jacket. We are sending it back this morning as we leave for our honeymoon...
    Thanks again,

  • I just want to thank you for everything that you did for me on Saturday, I am so very pleased with how I was treated and will most certainly be buying more kilts from you all. I already love the one I just bought on Saturday, and can't wait for my next one, will certainly buy the full suit from you all... Thanks so much for everything,

  • I just wanted to send you a BIG thank you. The kilt I ordered arrived yesterday, far before my time expectations and I can only say that I am so pleased with your quality of work and the fit is spot on. You are amazing and I cannot thank you enough.Blessing

    Mrs. L.A. Walker-Indyke
  • Very friendly, helpful highly recommend! Will purchase and rent again, and will tell friends and family. Thank you for making our special day so special!

    S. Meyers
  • Great quality. The talk of the Miss South Carlonia Pageant.

    R. Corteville
  • I just purchased the Prince Charlie package for an upcoming trip to Scotland. I got a high quality product at a reasonable price. The customer service was excellent. Marti was very helpful in setting up the order and when I picked it up she instructed me on how to put it together, since I haven't worn one in 25 years. It was a totally good experience. I would recommend Atlanta Kilts to anyone in the market for a kilt.

    C. Alexander
  • This was a great rental for me. You guys made it simple to do and we had fun the night of the event. Thank you very much!

    R. Black