Terms and Conditions for All Rentals

Consumer Agreement with Atlanta Kilts for all Rental Items.

The party or parties renting products from Atlanta Kilts shall hereafter be referred to as 'the renter'. These terms and conditions equally apply to any person nominated by the renter as their agent.

The Renter Agrees:
  • 1. To return rented items in an undamaged condition shipped (postmarked) within 3 business days after the event date.
  • 2. If rental items are not returned (postmarked) within 3 business days of the event date, or are returned with damages, further charges may be added as follows:
Late returns:
  • 3. If after 3 business days the rental items are not returned and no tracking number provided, the renter will be charged $15.00 a day until the items are returned or until the full retail price of the item has been paid.
  • 4. If after 20 days the rental items are still not returned, any remainder of the full retail price will be charged to the renter's account.
  • 5. In the case of a genuine unavoidable delay (e.g. delayed flights), part or all of these charges may be reduced or waived at Atlanta Kilts' discretion. The renter is responsible for informing Atlanta Kilts of such emergencies or genuine unavoidable delays as soon as possible.
  • 6. If any bodily fluid or excretion is found on any of the rental items, the items will immediately be shipped back to the renter and they will be charged shipping and the full retail cost of the item(s) soiled.
  • 7. If additional cleaning is required to remove stains or soiling not removable by standard cleaning methods, the extra cleanings will be charged at cost.
  • 8. The cost of any repairs due to damage done while rented will be charged to the renter.
  • 9. The loss or serious damage of any item may be charged at full retail replacement value. This would include damage that may be cosmetic only, but would render the garment unsuitable for rental.

Any additional fees due to cleaning, replacement or lateness are designed to ensure optimal operation of Atlanta Kilts; not primarily to create extra revenue. It is therefore strongly desired that customers will adhere to the Atlanta Kilts rental agreement.

There are no refunds for cancellations within two weeks of the event date.