Acrylic Tartans

Below are 90+ images of our affordable, high quality acrylic tartans. Order your acrylic kilt today! Not sure which clan your family belonged to? Check out our new tool What's My Tartan to find out which clan your family belonged to or to search for clan, regional, and organizational tartans. All the military service branch tartans are shown in alphabetical order (example: "U.S. Army") at the bottom of this page, and "MacLaren Modern" is the Boy Scout tartan about half way down this page.

Can't decide between tartans? Order a tartan swatch.

You can also browse 150+ premium high quality wool tartans made with traditional 16 oz wool.

Category: Rentable Tartans

These nine tartan options are available for kilt rental at $45 or purchase for $79.99. They can also be made into kilt dresses, sashes, plaids or even bow ties. You can also order acrylic tartan fabric for $19 per yard.

  • Black Watch Kilt TartanBlack Watch
  • Grey Watch Kilt TartanGrey Watch
  • Gordon Modern Kilt TartanGordon Modern
  • Irish Kilt TartanIrish
  • MacDonald Kilt TartanMacDonald
  • Pride of Scotland Kilt TartanPride of Scotland
  • Royal Stewart Kilt TartanRoyal Stewart (Stuart)
  • Scottish National Kilt TartanScottish National
  • Solid Black Kilt TartanSolid Black

*To ensure our growing inventory covers your event's needs, please give about 4 weeks advance notice for any rental tartans labeled as "NEW!".
If you'd like to rent this tartan sooner, please either call or email our office with your measurements so we can check our inventory.

Category: Military Tartans


  • U.S. Air Force Kilt TartanU.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Army Kilt TartanU.S. Army
  • U.S. Coast Guard Kilt TartanU.S. Coast Guard
  • U.S. Marines Kilt TartanU.S. Marines
  • U.S. Navy Kilt TartanU.S. Navy

Category: Team Tartans

By popular demand we have crafted our first-ever "Team Color Tartans" to showcase your spirit! These fan-based designs were inspired by the colors from several Georgia sports teams and are now available in a variety of products for men and women of all ages. Click here to see our team tartan fan products! We had a blast just from photographing these, so we're certain you'll feel pumped up wearing them too! 

All Tartans

Below are all of our tartans available in our high-quality acrylic. They can be used in many applicable purchase items: Bow ties, sashes, vests, plaids, fabric and more can be ordered.

  • Aberdeen Modern Kilt TartanAberdeen Modern
  • Allison Modern Kilt TartanAllison Modern
  • Alvis of Lee Kilt TartanAlvis of Lee
  • Anderson Weathered Kilt TartanAnderson Weathered
  • AK Georgia Kilt TartanAK Georgia
  • AK Georgia State Kilt TartanAK Georgia State
  • AK Tech Kilt TartanAK Tech
  • AK United Kilt TartanAK United
  • Barclay Ancient Kilt TartanBarclay Ancient
  • Barclay Modern Kilt TartanBarclay Modern
  • Bell of the Borders Kilt TartanBell of the Borders
  • Black Watch Kilt TartanBlack Watch
  • Buchanan Modern Kilt TartanBuchanan Modern
  • Carmichael Ancient Kilt TartanCarmichael Ancient
  • Chisholm Modern Kilt TartanChisholm Modern
  • Cochran Ancient Kilt TartanCochran Ancient
  • Confederate Memorial Kilt TartanConfederate Memorial
  • Confederate Old Kilt TartanConfederate Old
  • Cork County Kilt TartanCork County
  • Cunningham Modern Kilt TartanCunningham Modern
  • Davidson Wedding Modern Kilt TartanDavidson Wedding Modern
  • Douglas Modern Kilt TartanDouglas Modern
  • Duncan Kilt TartanDuncan
  • Elliot Ancient Kilt TartanElliot Ancient
  • Elliot Modern Kilt TartanElliot Modern
  • Farquharson Modern Kilt TartanFarquharson Modern
  • Ferguson of Atholl Modern Kilt TartanFerguson of Atholl Modern
  • Fraser Hunting Desert Kilt TartanFraser Hunting Desert
  • Galloway Hunting Kilt TartanGalloway Hunting
  • Georgia Modern Kilt TartanGeorgia Modern
  • German National Kilt TartanGerman National
  • Glasgow District Kilt TartanGlasgow District
  • Gordon Dress #1 Kilt TartanGordon Dress #1
  • Gordon Dress #2 Kilt TartanGordon Dress #2
  • Gordon Modern Kilt TartanGordon Modern
  • Grant Modern Kilt TartanGrant Modern
  • Grey Watch Kilt TartanGrey Watch
  • Hay And Leith Modern Kilt TartanHay And Leith Modern
  • Henderson Modern Kilt TartanHenderson Modern
  • Hunter Modern Kilt TartanHunter Modern
  • Innes Hunting Kilt TartanInnes Hunting
  • Innes of Moray Kilt TartanInnes of Moray
  • Irish Kilt TartanIrish
  • Irvine Ancient Kilt TartanIrvine Ancient
  • Johnston Ancient Kilt TartanJohnston Ancient
  • Johnston Modern Kilt TartanJohnston Modern
  • Keith Modern Kilt TartanKeith Modern
  • Kennedy Modern Kilt TartanKennedy Modern
  • Kerr Hunting Modern Kilt TartanKerr Hunting Modern
  • Lindsay Modern Kilt TartanLindsay Modern
  • Little of Morton Rigg Kilt TartanLittle of Morton Rigg
  • Livingstone Kilt TartanLivingstone
  • MacAlister Dress Kilt TartanMacAlister Dress
  • MacAlister Modern Kilt TartanMacAlister Modern
  • MacArthur Ancient Kilt TartanMacArthur Ancient
  • MacDonald Ancient Kilt TartanMacDonald Ancient
  • MacDonald Dress Modern Kilt TartanMacDonald Dress Modern
  • MacDonald Modern Kilt TartanMacDonald Modern
  • MacDonald of Clanranald Ancient Kilt TartanMacDonald of Clanranald Ancient
  • MacFarlane (Red) Kilt TartanMacFarlane (Red)
  • MacGillivray ModernMacGillivray Modern
  • MacIntosh Red Modern Kilt TartanMacIntosh Red Modern
  • MacIntyre Hunting Kilt TartanMacIntyre Hunting
  • MacKay Ancient Kilt TartanMacKay Ancient
  • MacKenzie Modern Kilt TartanMacKenzie Modern
  • MacLachlan Chiefs’ Dress ModernMacLachlan Chiefs’ Dress Modern
  • MacLarenMacLaren Modern
    (Boy Scouts of America)
  • MacLean Of Duart HuntingMacLean of Duart Hunting
  • MacLeod Hunting Ancient Kilt TartanMacLeod Hunting Ancient
  • MacLeod of Lewis Kilt TartanMacLeod of Lewis
  • MacLeod Red Ancient Kilt TartanMacLeod Red Ancient
  • MacMillan Hunting Modern Kilt TartanMacMillan Hunting Modern
  • MacNaughton Kilt TartanMacNaughton
  • MacNeil of Barra Kilt TartanMacNeil of Barra
  • MacPhee Kilt TartanMacPhee
  • MacPherson Red Kilt TartanMacPherson Red
  • Malcolm Kilt TartanMalcolm
  • Maxwell Modern Kilt TartanMaxwell Modern
  • Mayo County Kilt TartanMayo County
  • McLennon Kilt TartanMcLennon
  • McVicker Kilt TartanMcVicker
  • Meath County Kilt TartanMeath County
  • Montgomery Kilt TartanMontgomery
  • Muir Ancient Kilt TartanMuir Ancient
  • Muirhead Ancient Kilt TartanMuirhead Ancient
  • Muirhead Clan Modern Kilt TartanMuirhead Clan Modern
  • Munro Kilt TartanMunro
  • Newlands of Lauriston AncientNewlands of Lauriston Ancient
  • Pride of Scotland Kilt TartanPride of Scotland
  • Ross Hunting Muted Kilt TartanRoss Hunting Muted
  • Scottish National Kilt TartanScottish National
  • Shaw Kilt TartanShaw
  • Sinclair Hunting Kilt TartanSinclair Hunting
  • Sinclair Hunting Modern Kilt TartanSinclair Hunting Modern
  • Sligo County Kilt TartanSligo County
  • Solid Green Kilt TartanSolid Green
  • Stewart Black Kilt TartanStewart Black
  • Stewart Hunting Kilt TartanStewart Hunting
  • Stewart Royal/Royal Stewart Kilt TartanStewart Royal/Royal Stewart
  • Sutherland Old Ancient Kilt TartanSutherland Old Ancient
  • Sutherland Old Modern Kilt TartanSutherland Old Modern
  • Thomson Camel Kilt TartanThomson Camel
  • Turnbull Hunting Ancient Kilt TartanTurnbull Hunting Ancient
  • Tyrone County Kilt TartanTyrone County
  • U.S. Air Force Kilt TartanU.S. Air Force
  • U.S. Army Kilt TartanU.S. Army
  • U.S. Coast Guard Kilt TartanU.S. Coast Guard
  • U.S. Marines Kilt TartanU.S. Marines
  • U.S. Navy Kilt TartanU.S. Navy
  • Walker Hunting Modern Kilt TartanWalker Hunting Modern
  • Wallace Hunting Modern Kilt TartanWallace Hunting Modern
  • Wallace Modern Kilt TartanWallace Modern