SuperSoft Merino Cable Scarf

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  • 100% Merino Wool Just as practical as it is stylish, this scarf is made of 100% Irish Merino wool that provides insulating warmth, moisture-wicking breathability, and softness.
  • Aran Stitching Eye-pleasing Aran stitching that features regal-looking cable columns gives this scarf a whimsical flow that will turn heads. Aran stitching comes from the Aran Islands off the western Irish coast, and the cable stitch represents hopes for success. The honeycomb stitch at the borders represents hard work.
  • Prominent Size This scarf is designed with a larger-than-average length and width that allow it to offer generous warmth on an icy day and extra coverage for the neck and body.
  • One Size Fits All Available in one size, this scarf is versatile enough to flatter any kind of look on individuals of all shapes and sizes. It can also be worn open around the collar or double wrapped for some chic style.
  • The scarf measures 69 x 8 inches

Winter and fall accessories that protect you from the cold can be functional and stylish, just like this SuperSoft Merino Cable Scarf.

This piece is made of 100% luxurious Merino wool that is known for its superior insulating and moisture wicking properties, as well as its quality and softness.

Honoring Irish culture, this scarf features authentic Aran stitching that comes from the Aran Islands off the western coast of Ireland.

Beautifully displayed are cable rope patterns representing the ropes of the island fisherman, and these cables are complemented by honeycomb patterns at the borders that symbolize the dedicated worker bees of the islands.

Pair this fabulous scarf with a knit hat for a fashionable look that will have you fall and winter-ready!

  • 100% Merino Wool Just as practical as it is stylish,