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Groom's Plaid

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Groom's Plaid

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The Groom's Plaid can be worn in different ways. Here at Atlanta Kilts we like the plaid to be worn either casually across the left shoulder and pinned at the side with a Jacobite shirt, or with a Prince Charlie Jacket through the epaulet, pinned, and a brooch added to finish the look.

  • 16 oz acrylic
  • Purled at the ends
  • ≈25" wide x 108" long

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for this item to be in your hands. Click here for more details.

Tartan in picture: MacDonald.

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To style a Groom’s Plaid on a Prince Charlie Jacket, fold the groom’s plaid in half long ways so the two purled ends are touching. Grasp the folded side of the plaid and slightly tuck the ends inward so the edges cannot be seen. Push this part through the epaulet on the left shoulder. Adjust the length of the plaid so the wearer’s kilt length matches with the edge of the fabric and the purled ends hang just below the kilt. This might take some small adjustments and patience. Once that’s complete, pin it to the jacket to secure it and finish it off with a jewel (or embossed) brooch. PLEASE NOTE: the brooch should not pierce through the jacket. It’s just for decoration and should only be pinned through the plaid.

Since this is a made-by-demand item, please allow two to three weeks to receive your purchase. Need it sooner? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to expedite shipping for your event.

Tartan in picture: Douglas Modern.

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