Shepherd Cane Drone Reed Set

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Cane Drone Reed Set

Traditional, high quality Cane Drone Reed set (2 tenor reeds, 1 bass reed).
We have tested these reeds extensively. Individual results will depend on how well reeds are set up and played.


  • Body Material - Cane
  • Tongue Material - Cane
  • Pitch Adjustment - Black Waxed Hemp and/or Dental Band, Need Correct Diameter Cane
  • Scope for Pitch Adjustment - Limited
  • Air Consumption - Excellent
  • Ease of Set-Up - Difficult
  • Bridle - Black Waxed Hemp and/or Dental Band
  • Sensitivity to Moisture - Sensitive to Excessive Moisture and Dryness
  • Playing in Time - Varies, Must Be Played Daily
  • Sensitivity to Unsteady Blowing - Moderate
  • Special Features - None
  • Timbre - Rich, Vibrant

Traditional, high quality Cane Drone Reed set (2 tenor reeds, 1 bass reed).