Ryan Canning Drone Reeds

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Canning Original Drone Reeds

Designed to re-create the sound of cane, Canning Drone Reeds generate rich harmonics. The full bass and resonant tenors complement each other magnificently. This superior quality of sound combined with the consistent quality of production make Canning reads an excellent choice.

Features of Canning Original Drone Reeds:

  • Cotton-based absorbent Tufnol bodies
  • Flat, stay-put bridles
  • Tenor & bass reeds have different style tongues to produce great harmonics & balance
  • Carbon fiber bass tongue
  • Polycarbonate tenor tongues
  • Setscrew in detachable nose-cone to allow easy pitch adjustments
  • Easy to start and stop
  • No roaring bass
Ryan Canning Reed Set