MG Drone Reeds

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MG Drone Reeds - Mark II

MG Drone Reeds incorporate many of the best features available for synthetic reeds, like a stable carbon fiber bass tongue and natural tenor reed bodies. Composite reed bodies are great in Poly pipe, because they absorb the inevitable moisture. MG reeds were designed especially for use in McCallum pipes, but are compatible with many modern makes.

Features of Mark II MG Drone Reeds:

  • Wood/paper composite tenor bodies can absorb moisture
  • Plastic bass body
  • Carbon fiber bass tongue for tonal quality
  • Plastic tenor tongues
  • Flat rubber bridles for secure settings
  • Locking pitch adjuster screws

Designed and manufactured by Rory Grosart in partnership with McCallum Bagpipes

Resulting from a team effort between McCallum and Rory Grosart. Synthetic reeds with plastic tenor tongues, a carbon fiber bass tongue.