MG Cane Small Pipe Chanter Reed - Key of A

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MG Cane Smallpipe Chanter Reed - A

Cane chanter reeds can really enhance the sound of your Scottish smallpipes, although they are a slightly larger investment and require a bit more care. The MG reed is compatible with McCallum and Shepherd Smallpipes in the key of A, but it is not for use with Walsh or Gibson smallpipes.* This is a delicate reed, so use caution when inserting the chanter into the stock. It is also moisture-sensitive, although this is not much of an issue with the McCallum smallpipes, which have a moisture control system. Made in Scotland.

* It may be a good fit for other brands, but we cannot guarantee additional compatibility. Not compatible with Gibson or Walsh smallpipes, or with pipes in the key of D.

Cane chanter reed for small pipes. Suggested for use with McCallum and Shepherd small pipes. Available in Key of A.