Merino Braid Cable Pullover

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For a classic Aran sweater that will look great on any man, add this Mens Traditional Aran Crew Neck Sweater to your fall and winter wardrobe! 100% luxurious Merino wool is used to make this stylish sweater, providing insulating warmth, breathability that wicks away moisture from the skin, and superior softness. Giving this sweater a modern, sporty look is the round crew neck collar that will flatter any man. Lovely Aran stitching that includes ornate cable, diamond, and honeycomb patterns lends this sweater eye-catching texture and dimension. Make this timeless sweater a fall and winter staple that is fabulous for layering!

  • 100% Merino Wool
    Merino wool is one of the best types of wool to wear in the fall and winter. It traps dead air to insulate from the cold while wicking away moisture from the skin to provide comfortable breathability, along with rich softness.