Meade - Keeping the Beat Book & DVD

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Keeping the Beat: Tenor & Bass Drumming for Pipe Bands Book & DVD

Bob Meade's instruction book for drummers in the pipe band mid section offers top-quality instruction with a friendly, laid-back feel. The information in the text is very clearly and logically organized.  The DVD provides invaluable video instruction from drummer, teacher, and drumming judge Bob Meade.  The video starts with the basics of bass and tenor drumming, spends a half hour on tenor flourishing, goes on to spend time demonstrating bass drumming, and finally demonstrates some drumming with the sound of pipes -- 1 1/2 hours of drum instruction!

Contents of Keeping the Beat: Tenor & Bass Drumming for Pipe Bands:

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Drums, Sticks, & Stuff
  • Playing the Drum
  • Musical Notation
  • Putting Knowledge to Work
  • Elementary Flourishing
  • Rhythm Tenor
  • Ensemble
  • Tone & Tuning
  • Practice Beatings
  • Massed Band Beatings
  • Bass & Tenor Scores
Bob Meade's book and video cover tenor and bass drumming for pipe bands.