McCallum Standard Expandable Blowstick - Imitation Ivory Mount

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Standard Telescopic Blowstick with Imitation Ivory Mount by McCallum

This telescopic blowstick offers about 1.5" of adjustability. At its shortest, the usable portion of the blowpipe, from the mount to the tip of the mouthpiece, is 9.25" long.

Features of the Standard Telescopic Blowstick:

  • Adjusts from 9.25" to 10.75"
  • Works with any bagpipe brand
  • Durable Poly construction
  • Telescoping length adjustment
  • Available with black button mount or imitation ivory mount


The blowstick does not come hemped, and it is not fitted with a blowstick valve, so you may also want to pick up hemp or a blowstick valve, if you don't have those on hand.

McCallum Standard blowstick with imitation ivory mount adjusts from approximately 9 1/4-10 3/4 (not including the portion that inserts into stock). Comes standard with 4 mouthpiece and integrated valve.