McCallum Standard Expandable Blowstick - Button Mount with Mouthpiece Adapter

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Telescopic Blowstick by McCallum

Use your own mouthpiece with this unique blowstick and adapter to create a custom telescoping unit. This product is especially nice if your mouthpiece has ornamentation to match your pipes; if you have a specialty mouthpiece, like an Airstream; or if you use a short or long mouthpiece. Another practical feature is the plain black button mount, which coordinates with all pipe styles.

Features of the Telescopic Blowstick:

  • Fits with your mouthpiece (may need to wind a bit of hemp to fit)
  • Works with any bagpipe brand
  • Durable Poly construction
  • Telescoping length adjustment
  • Subtle black button mount
  • Adjust length even more by using a shorter or longer mouthpiece


The blowstick does not come hemped, and it is not fitted with a blowstick valve, so you may also want to pick up hemp or a blowstick valve, if you don't have those on hand.

McCallum Standard blowstick adjusts from approximately 9 1/4-10 3/4 (not including the portion that inserts into stock). Mouthpiece adapter allows player to use his own mouthpiece.