Ladies Crew Neck Sweater

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Designed by Saol, one of the top knitwear manufacturers specializing in contemporary Irish patterns, this Ladies Cable Crew Neck Sweater is a unique piece that carries on a tradition of home knitting while firmly planting itself in the world of todays style.

Featuring raglan sleeves and a single oversized cable pattern knit throughout, including the sleeves 'knit in the round' and followed through to the back of the sweater, this sweater makes a beautiful gift to another or yourself.

Available in grey and natural white and sizes XS - XXL, its wool blend is pre-washed for increased comfort and fit, while maintaining a high level of durability.

The cable pattern is derived from the traditional fine detailing found on some of the first Aran sweaters knitted generations ago on the remote Aran Islands and thought to symbolize the ropes of Irish fishermen as they hauled in a good catch.

  • A modern take on traditional Irish fishermens sweaters, this Ladies Cable Crew Neck Sweater features a singular oversized cable knit pattern repeated throughout, including the sleeves and back of the garment.
  • The sweater is made of a very soft Merino wool blend that is warm and durable. Made by SAOL Knitwear one of the leading manufacturers of contemporary knitwear.
  • Raglan sleeves offer a subtle design feature not traditionally found on Aran sweaters, but increase the movement and hug the body, allowing this sweater to be worn as an outer layer or mid layer under a heavier coat.
  • Available in Grey and Natural White and sizes XS - XXL. This garment can be worn for any occasion.