KORG TM60 Combo Orchestral Tuner / Metronome

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The KORG TM60 is the latest offering in the popular TM series of dual function Tuner / Metronome models. The TM60 has a larger screen than previous models, allowing the user to see both pitch and metronome at the same time. The TM60 can read tones from C1 to C8 (32.70 to 4186.01 hz), and can also be set to output a specified tone or the pure tone closest to the one being played. In addition, thanks to KORG's proprietary technology, the TM60 is able to detect the pitch drift that commonly happens when a note is held on a woodwind instrument


  • Quick response needle-style meter to see accuracy and drift
  • Can be set to output a selected tone, or the tone closest to the note being played
  • Markings on dial to indicate pure Major and Minor third intervals
  • New larger screen allows the use of both functions at the same time
  • Wide range from C1 (32.70 hz) to C8 (4186.01 hz)
  • Automatically saves current settings and shutoff after 20 minutes idle to prolong battery life
  • Integrated stand on back cover for added convenience
  • Metronome tempos from 30 to 252, and 15 built in rhythms including signatures from 1-9, doublets and triplets

The TM60 is the newest model in the KORG TM series.

KORG’s proprietary technology accurately detects the pitch without any time lag. The pitch drift that is prone to occur during long tones played on a wind instrument can be detected before it happens, letting you train yourself to produce unwavering tone with stable pitch.
The TM-60 can detect note names and pitches for a variety of orchestral and other instruments. The range from C1 (32.70 Hz) to C8 (4186.01 Hz) can easily be detected. Even acoustic instruments that are difficult to detect because their sound contains a significant amount of low-frequency energy or a large number of partials can be tuned easily and accurately.
The TM-60’s meter scale provides marks that indicate pure major and minor thirds, and simply by tuning so that the needle coincides with these marks allows you to play in beautiful harmony with an ensemble.

There are 15 different built-in rhythms including time signatures from 0 through 9 as well as duplets, triplets, triplets with the middle note omitted, quadruplets, and quadruplets with the middle notes omitted, and the tempo can be freely specified in the range of 30–252 beats per minute. Sophisticated rhythms such as triplets or quadruplets with the middle notes omitted are used in a wide range of styles from classical to rock and jazz.