In-Line Drone Valves

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Lyons In-Line Valves for the Ross Canister System

Lyons In-Line Drone Valves work with the Ross Canister System. The moisture control system regulates humidity, while the in-line valves regulate airflow to the drones for clearer strike-ins and cut-offs. Unlike other drone valves, which are inserted in the drone stocks, the in-line valves are installed on the canister. The actual valve end fits in the canister system tubing, and the clear plastic end on the in-line valves fit over the plastic projections on the canister lid. Installation instructions are included, along with an adjustment key.

Note: Make tiny adjustments with the key; a little will go a long way.

Lyons In-Line Drone Valves require a zippered pipe bag and Ross Canister style system for installation.

These valves work with the Ross Canister System (shortening of the Ross tubes may be necessary). The valves assist with strike-ins and cut-offs and help regulate air flow to the drones to create a more steady sound. An Allen wrench is included for adjustments.