Highland Reeds Moisture Tube

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Highland Reed Moisture Tube

The Moisture Tube is designed to create condensation as warm air passes through the tube. A narrow diameter and a plastic screen at the end of the tube restrict the air enough to cause condensation. Excess moisture is absorbed by a small sponge. Collecting condensation before it reaches the reeds prevents moisture problems. The design is less bulky than bottle water traps, and air leaves with a better distributed flow. Installation is easy: simply wind the end with some waxed hemp until it fits securely.

Features of the Highland Reeds Moisture Tube:

  • Lightweight and slim design
  • Quality components
  • Encourages condensation
  • 2 sponge inserts
  • Easy to change sponges
  • Simple installation, removal, and care

A zippered pipe bag is required for installation. This product is installed in the blowpipe stock.

Highland Reeds Moisture Tube
 A simple Water Trap with absorbent cloth.