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Frequently Asked Questions


How far in advance do I need to order rental items?

Since our rental business is inventory dependent, the sooner the better. When we receive your order, we confirm with our inventory that we are able to fulfill your request. If we do not have adequate inventory we will order the items needed. A comfortable time for you to order is one to two months in advance depending on the number in the party and location. Please see suggested times below for full outfits.

What is the lead time for Purchasing?

How long will I have my rental items?

It is our goal for the rental items to be in your possession seven to ten days before the event. We expect the items to be shipped within the following 3 business days after the event. Click Here to read the full Rental Agreement.

How much is needed to be paid up front?

We prefer payment in full when the order is placed and confirmed.

How do I pay?

We accept payments of all major credit cards via telephone, our secure online store, PayPal, checks, and cash.

Can I have a kilt made in a tartan not provided on the site?

Yes. We are happy to either try to find your tartan in wool at a different mill located in Scotland, or suggest a custom weave in our acrylic fabric. Please either call or email our office to discuss.

What is a custom weave?

A custom weave is a design that Atlanta Kilts can have woven in our durable 16 oz acrylic fabric. You can either submit your own design for us to weave, or have a family tartan woven as long as there are no restrictions on the design. This process takes about 3-4 months to produce, and costs a set up fee of $250.00. We would need the thread count of the tartan, and a physical swatch of the design where applicable. Please call our office or send us an email if you would like more information.

What is a restricted tartan?

A restricted tartan is a custom design commissioned by an organization for Atlanta Kilts to weave and create kilts and other products for its members. Exclusive members are only allowed to purchase these restricted tartans, and prior authorization has to be given by the organization before purchase.

Do you offer "wool blend" products?

We understand that there are some suppliers who are selling "wool blend" kilts and products that they claim contains some amount of synthetic fibers mixed with wool fibers. We at Atlanta Kilts value honesty and doing the due diligence before listing products, and have therefore paid a textile lab to test a few samples and found that wool was not present in the samples. As a result, we do not offer "wool blend" products. We encourage consumers to double check with providers who are offering a "wool blend" to ensure that the products that they are purchasing actually contain wool (i.e. a copy of a textile lab test).

What fabrics do you offer for your products?

We offer either 100% 16 oz acrylic woven to look like wool, or 100% wool in varying weights (10 oz, 13 oz, and 16 oz). For our Wool Kilt it is by default a 16 oz wool; however, we can find different tartans and weights upon request. Please note this may incur a surcharge.

Do you offer Gift Certificates?

Yes, we do! You can either order a Gift Certificate online, or if you have a specific amount you can call in or come into our store to place your order. At this time, there is no way to redeem your Atlanta Kilts Gift Certificate online. To redeem it, please call in to place your order.


Can you ship items to my location?

We serve all of the continental United States. We do not do rental orders outside the continental United States. For those in Canada wishing to purchase, please inquire about our shipping procedure.

When will my order be shipped?

For rental orders, our goal is to have the order in your possession seven to ten days before the event. For purchase orders, we ship the items as soon as we have your order ready for shipping.

How long does shipping take?

FedEx and USPS are our shipping couriers. We ship orders via Ground Services. Depending on the mailing destination, shipping generally takes two to five business days. If you wish your order to be expedited (i.e. 2nd day delivery, overnight services, etc.) you are expected to pay the additional shipping costs.

Will I be able to track my order?

Yes. When we ship your order, a tracking number will be emailed to your email address, if provided.

What are the shipping and handling costs?

We charge $15.98 shipping and handling fee for each (outfit) box. We can expedite your order if needed for an additional fee. However, we offer a return label service which covers the return shipping costs. We provide you return shipping labels (pre-printed) from FedEx for a cost of $10.00 for each outfit box.

When do I ship my rental order back?

We expect your rental order to be shipped within three business days after the event.

How do I ship my order back?

Box up the items, completing the checklist included to ensure you have all the items. Attach the return label, if provided, and drop off the package(s) to your nearest FedEx drop off location. If you do not have pre-paid return label(s), go to your nearest shipping couriers to ship the items.


Do you provide outfits in children sizes?

Yes. We do provide children sizes for rent and purchase.

Is there a shirt preference with the different jackets?

Yes. The Prince Charlie Jacket and vest is accompanied with a tuxedo shirt and bowtie, and the Argyle Jacket with a dress shirt and necktie. A five-button vest can also be included with the Argyle Jacket.

What am I to wear under my rental kilt?

We strongly encourage you to wear an undergarment when wearing your rental kilt.

What is the difference between Pleat to sett and Pleat to stripe?

In Pleat to stripe, the fabric is pleated so that the same vertical line is centered on each pleat. In Pleat to sett, the tartan pattern is pleated so that the pattern is carrried throughout the kilt.


How do I do the measurements for the order? CLICK HERE FOR OUR MEASURING GUIDE