Gibson Universal Water Trap

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Gibson Universal Moisture Trap with Sponge

Gibson's watertrap with absorbent cloth is designed to provide maximum moisture absorption, with minimal restriction of airflow. It featues a small hole at the bend beneath the blowstick stock that allows moist air to reach the chanter reed. If desired, this hole could be covered or partially covered with tape. The tubing won't kink in the bag, and the transparent pieces allow you to see into the chamber. The watertrap fits any bagpipe with a standard blowpipe stock; there's another version made for the Gibson Split Stock, standard on Gibson pipes.

Features of the Gibson Universal Moisture Trap:

  • Pre-bent vinyl tube
  • Small hole that directs moist air to the chanter reed
  • Highly absorbent cloth
  • Clear tube for easy viewing
  • Closed tube end with 3 air holes
  • Moderate weight

This product is installed in the existing blowpipe stock. A zippered pipe bag is required for installation.

Gibson Universal Water Trap is designed to be a free blowing system without air restriction to the reeds. Comes with an additional absorbent cloth. Fits into standard blowstick stocks. DOES NOT FIT GIBSON SPLIT STOCK.