Firesides/Kay-Lee Reed Set Key of A

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Gibson "A" Smallpipes Reed Set

This is a complete set of reeds for Gibson Firesides or Ceilidh (Kay-Lee) smallpipes in the key of "A." The set includes 4 reeds: chanter, tenor drone, baritone drone, and bass drone. Made by Gibson Bagpipes in the USA.

Did you know? The Fireside Pipes in the key of "B flat" can be converted into the key of "A" with a complete set of reeds in "A" and a Gibson Firesides "A" chanter.

Firesides Reed Set Key of A
Set of reeds for Gibson Fireside Pipes. Includes four reeds - Chanter, Tenor, Baritone and Bass
These reeds are also used in the Gibson Kay-Lee small pipes.