Ergo Cushion Pipe Bag for Blair Digital Chanter - with Adapter and Cover

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Ergo Cushion Pipe Bag with Adapter and Cover

The Blair Ergo Pipe Bag adds comfort and control to your digital chanter. The package has everything you need to plug your chanter in and play. The adapter is pre-installed, and it comes with an embroidered bag cover. The high-performance memory foam cushion has the feel of an inflated pipe bag, but never needs (or loses) air. It really stabilizes the instrument and makes you feel like you're playing a traditional smallpipe. And it looks neat to an audience, too. Combine this with the separate Blair pedal, for a stage ready setup.

Features of the Blair Inflatable Pipe Bag:

  • Ready to install
  • High-performance memory foam cushion
  • No additional adapter needed
  • Includes velvet bag cover
  • Comfortable and helpful
  • Made in Australia
The Ergo Cushion Pipe Bag comes with everything you need to plug your Digital Chanter in and play. The cushion feels like an inflated bag but does not need air.

 Includes cover and adapter.