Celtic Knot Tassel Sporran with Embossed Flap

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A day sporran, this piece is for people who want an alternative to the cantle. Available in both brown and black leather, this sporran has a secure closure in the front without detracting from the intricate design.

  • Genuine leather
  • Celtic knotwork design
  • Three leather tassels
  • Chain & leather belt included
  • Front button “snap” closure
  • Purchased items are guaranteed brand-new

Instead of a pewter castle pointed skyward, this uses a flap that folds downward. That flap is embossed with more Celtic knotwork. Has tassels.

To wear, attach the chain to the sporran and thread the chain and belt through the belt loops in the back of the kilt. Tighten the sporran belt as desired. Make sure your sporran is hanging two inches below your belt, or about 4-5 inches below the top band of the kilt.

Please note: our sporran chains go up to a standard waist size of 50; however, extra chain links can be added if necessary. If you’d like us to do this free of charge, please note that you will need extra chain along with your waist measurement in the event details/instructions box on the checkout page.