Canning BLUE Drone Reeds

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Canning Blue Drone Reeds

Canning Blue drone reeds have a moisture-proof body that can be dried for extended playing time. Compared with Canning Original Drone Reeds, the Blue reeds have increased brightness, vibrancy, and volume.
Features of Canning Blue Drone Reeds:

  • Moisture-proof reed body
  • Bright and vibrant sound
  • Tenor & bass reeds have different style tongues to produce great harmonics & balance
  • Carbon fiber bass tongue
  • Polycarbonate tenor tongues
  • Flat, stay-put bridles
  • Setscrew in detachable nose-cone to allow easy pitch adjustments
  • Easy to start and stop
The Canning Blue Drone Reed is made using a new body material that provides increased vibrancy and does not absorb any moisture.