Blair Digital Bagpipe Adapter for Pipes

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Adapter for Blair Digital Chanters

Install the adapter to attach your digital chanter to a pipe bag for a bagpipe or goose look, with digital chanter sound. The adapter comes with 2 parts. One is a cup-like "stock" that get's tied-in or clamped to the neck of your pipe bag. The "spigot" piece threads into the top of the digital chanter (where you can thread the mouthpiece in) and secures into the "stock" piece. You can then easily put your digital chanter in and take it out.

If you want to be able to change between your digital chanter and a standard pipe chanter, you will also need the Blair Split Stock.

Use the Blair Digital Adapter to attach your Blair Digital Chanter to a pipe bag and it looks like a goose with digital chanter sound.

 Use the adapter with the Blair Digital Bagpipe Spit Stock (available separately)  to switch between your traditional chanter and your Blair Digital Chanter on your pipes.