Balance Tone Reeds - B Flat

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Balance Tone Drone Reeds in B Flat
This B Flat set has the reliability and efficiency Balance Tone reeds are known for, making them perfectly suited to applications where B Flat is necessary. When paired with a B Flat pitch pipe chanter, you'll have the tools you need to tune your bagpipe comfortably and easily to play with other instruments in a bagrock, church, Celtic folk or other setting. Glass fiber tongues allow for a steady tone, and the tongue is designed to lie flat, keeping it truer longer. Reed volume and pitch can be adjusted, and each reed can be turned off. Made in Scotland.
     Features of Balance B Flat Tone Drone Reeds:

  • For B Flat bagpipe tuning
  • Plastic body
  • Flat glass fiber tongues
  • Flat rubber bridles
  • Extremely air-efficient 
  • Moisture resistant
  • Reliable strike-in
  • Shut-off plug
  • All sets tested
  • Designed for compatibility across brands
  • Reed seat can remain in drones and the body removed for adjustments 
B Flat Balance Tone Drone Reeds.