Bagpipe Gauge *MAP $99.00*

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Bagpipe Pressure Gauge

Use the Bagpipe Gauge to see and improve the stability of your sound. You put the stopper end in one of your drone tops and mount the gauge on your blowpipe with the rubber strap. When you play, you can see the fluctuations in pressure. Steadiness comes from consistent pressure on the bag, and seeing the gauge can help you maintain that constant pressure, using your breath to top off the bag. The real-time visual feedback helps you focus on keeping the needle steadier, which improves sound and technique.

Features of the Bagpipe Pressure Gauge:
  • Easy-to-see display
  • Takes just a minute to install and remove
  • Clear visual feedback
  • Intuitive design

Pressure Gauge for Bagpipes
 The sensor inserts into a drone and the gauge attaches to the blowpipe.

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