Airstream Adjustable Blowstick with No Mount

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Airstream Adjustable Blowstick

Like the standard Airstream blowpipes, these have a wide bore design with an internal valve. The blowsticks also telescope, so you can achieve just the right length for your height and posture. The ability to adjust blowstick length is also helpful when sets are shared in a school or band. Choose from a plain black blowstick or one with an imitation ivory projecting mount.

Features of the Airstream Telescoping Blowstick:

  • Combed and beaded hard black plastic
  • Oval mouthpiece opening
  • Mouthpiece protector included
  • Mouthpiece portion screws on
  • Internal, oversized, Little Mac style valve
  • Replacement valves are available
  • Adjust from 9 1/4" - 12 5/8"
Telescoping blowstick without mount, approximate range of 9.25 - 12.6