A. Cairns How to Manual for Piobaireachd

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The How To Piobaireachd Manual with CD by Archie Cairns

Archie Cairns's Piobaireachd Manual is "A Piper's Aid to Reading, Understanding, and Playing Ceol Mor."  This book is invaluable to any student of Piobaireachd, beginner-advanced. It provides guidance on the correct way to make the movements in terms of the sounds you should be listening for. The book also contains information on structure and interpretation. All in all, this is a thorough, detailed guide to playing Piorbaireachd, although no complete tunes are included. An excellent companion CD is included.

Archie Cairns How to Manual for Piobaireachd
Piobaireachd instructional book with CD. Thorough information about playing Piobaireachd, but no complete tunes.