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Atlanta Kilts is proud to be one of the only kilt sellers in the United States to accept returns. Due to either customer mismeasurement or unexpected plan changes, these kilts have found their way back to our warehouse in hopes to find another suitable owner. Who knows? What didn't fit them, might fit you perfectly! Visit our measuring guide to make sure these kilts will fit you.

A new custom made kilt takes 2 weeks to create and ship. Fortunately, if you need a kilt ASAP, we have clearance kilts and lightly used rental kilts that are available for immediate shipment or pick-up.

Below is a searchable list of our clearance tartans currently available and sorted by kilt type. Click on a tartan name to view a list of available sizes that are labeled with the waist measurements first, and then the length measurement second (e.g. 30-34 [waist] X 21 [length]). For an additional $12 the kilt can be lengthened by 1.5 inches or shortened to your desired kilt length. Also, for an additional $18 the waist size can be increased or decreased by as much as 5 inches. Please call to discuss.

Please Note: if there is an asterisk (*) next to a size, it means that there is a minor flaw and a $20 discount on the item.
Call us if you would like to get a description of the flaw.

Available Clearance Kilts

Bell of Border

24-26 X 14

Black Watch

26-29 X 23.5
26-29 X 24
27-30 X 23.5

Buchanan Modern

38-41 X 19

Davidson Wedding Modern

28-31 X 22.5
29-32 X 22.5
48-51 X 22

Dress Gordon #1

48-52 X 26

Galloway Hunting

30-33 X 23

MacLeod of Lewis

42-45 X 23

Sligo County

22-25 X 15

Sutherland Old

36-39 X 20.5

U.S. Army

26-29 X 13.5
47-50 X 20.5

Available Clearance Ladies Kilts

County Cork

38-41 X 27

Keith Modern

35.5-38.5 X 34


33-36 X 36
34-37 X 36

MacLeod of Lewis

27.5-30.5 X 19*
34-37 X 19


28-31.5 X 18

Royal Stewart (Stuart)

27-30 X 18
30-33 X 21

Stewart Black

27-30 X 18
30-33 X 24

Thomson Camel

44-48 X 26

Available Clearance Tartan Utility Kilts

German National

31.5 X 23


33 X 23

U.S. Army

36 X 20

Wallace Modern

33 X 20